Bowery Poetry Club

In just a few days, I’m off to New York to read at the Bowery Poetry Club! Thanks to the folks at the Bowery Poetry Club and to Ruth Roach Pierson for initially inviting me to be a part of the Evening of Poetry by Poets from Canada event. You can RSVP on Facebook.



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Who’s Reading What for TNQ

In addition to having my essay published in The Summer issue (Issue 139) of The New Quarterly, I was also pleased to be asked what I’m reading: Who’s Reading What for Issue 139 .


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What I’ve Been Up To …

Not nearly enough writing, but to see what’s been keeping me busy instead, check out the Peace Liard Regional Arts Council website to see all of the exciting projects we’re working on, or my Facebook page.

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The Gaze

My essay, “The Gaze,” shortlisted for the Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest will be coming out in The New Quarterly’s summer issue. Thank you TNQ!

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In This Together: 15 Stories of Truth and Reconciliation


This book is now out, and I’m honored to have an essay included in it. In This Together: 15 Stories of Truth and Reconciliation

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Things are Looking Up

Now that summer is over, and the leaves of the weeping birch are the color of Kapton, I’m hoping to get back to my Pioneer 10 poetry manuscript. Not that I ever stopped thinking about the probe during the busy summer. For example, here I am in July, in my Ames Research shirt, pointing out the probe to Ann Mortifee and Erin Creegan at our camp near the Gatho in BC’s Northern Rockies.


Photo by Katherin Edwards

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Interview at Geosi Reads

Thank you to Geoffrey Gyasi of Geosi Reads for this interview.

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