Things are Looking Up

Now that summer is over, and the leaves of the weeping birch are the color of Kapton, I’m hoping to get back to my Pioneer 10 poetry manuscript. Not that I ever stopped thinking about the probe during the busy summer. For example, here I am in July, in my Ames Research shirt, pointing out the probe to Ann Mortifee and Erin Creegan at our camp near the Gatho in BC’s Northern Rockies.


Photo by Katherin Edwards

About Donna Kane

My poems, short fiction, and essays have been published widely in journals such as The Walrus, The Fiddlehead, and The Malahat Review, as well as in several anthologies, most recently, Best Canadian Poetry in English 2013, and I Found it at the Movies: an Anthology of Film Poems (2014). I have published two books of poetry, Somewhere, a Fire, and Erratic, and my poetry has been featured on Garrison Keillor's The Writer's Almanac. In 2014, I completed my MFA at the University of British Columbia for which I received a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Graduate Research Grant.
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